Cape Town!


I booked my ticket to Cape Town. Going to spend a week in my old home in January… I was recently in Cape Town for a night reviewing a hotel and really felt like I needed to get back for a good old catch up. I love Cape Town in summer and really finding myself missing it now.

Winter I’ll love Joburg again…

Thats the thing, Joburg is home, but I really feel like life started in Cape Town. It’s where I discovered so much of myself and how I fit into the world… its the place where, as I turned 30, I said “Clive, you’ve lived your life for the last 30 years trying to get approval from the world, now you choose to live the next 30 differently”. I still like approval but Cape Town is where I became a man…

Even though, I’ll always be a boy… a boy from Benoni…

So January will be a week of sipping my favourite wines, long walks on the beach and good times with friends… I’ll also be introducing friends to Frank, so that should be fun…

and maybe I’ll get to catch up with a blog buddy or two 🙂

Am excited like a lil keeeeeeeeeeeed I tell you!



  1. Benoni???Are you seriously from Benoni…or are you just having me on? I am a Benoni girl…so if you are not…then no funny comments or mocking jokes 🙂

  2. Would love to grab a cuppa down south with you, Allie and Mel… and Willie, aw, summer is no good anywhere else after living in the Cape, eh?Yep Hayley, born and bred Benoni boy – Tom Newby Primary and all… the best people come from Benoni… 🙂

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