ABBA have made a comeback

Well, for me at least.

After years of being an ardent “I hate ABBA” man, I have to declare that the tides have turned, and I’m a changed man. The combination of watching Mamma Mia, Bjorn Again at Gold Reef City, rehearsing for the ABBA show I perform in and seeing the way people at the show simply love the fab four, I’ve started to rethink my stance on them.

You see, I have history with ABBA. They’re a bit of a soundtrack to my life. Well, my childhood specifically. My mom’s favourite song was “Fernando” and I remember us singing along to it. The last album they released was “Super Trouper” and it came out while my folks were divorcing. “The Winner Takes It All” became an anthem for their divorce and I can remember my brother and I listening to the song with tears in our eyes. Even now, I can’t listen to that song without getting a bit blubby.

But now! I’ve had CD’s in my car (not mine, borrowed from Father dearest) and have been playing them every time I drive anywhere. Working in Joburg means I drive a lot, so I’ve spent a lot of time with Agnetha and the gang. And slowly but surely they’ve grown on me.

What hasn’t helped is that Frank is a fan (he loves anything disco) and he loves rehearsing with me – he’s a closet back-up singer. So every time we’re in the car, it’s like a show… I’ll sneakily try record a video so you can see. It really cute, until we stop at a robot and the car next to us looks across to see two blokes yelling “Super Trouper” in the front of a Nissan Hardbody.

This weekend sees the last of the “Mamma Mia – the Dinner” shows. It’s been interesting and a lot of fun. I’m glad I’ve got over my ABBA thing… well, forced to I suppose. In fact, ABBA’s left me a happier man. I find I’m arriving at work more cheerful, having had a good time yelling “Dancing Queen” to the taxi’s whipping in front of me.

And I get to see Frank having a blast – something my history with the group shouldn’t deny him.



  1. Halleluja – he’s seen the light! Yahoo! I’m so glad that you’re part of the ABBA fan club. I got THe Definitive Abba Collection for my birthday, so guess what now lives in my truck’s cd player. There’s a dvd too that i haven’t got too yet! If you ever come and visit we’ll have to have an ABBA evening! xxx

  2. I hate to admit this but I agree. But what is worse is that I think its age related….Bru, we both just *had a birthday* and now we both admit publicly that we like ABBA.Its a chromosome thats drops on the eve of your *—*th birthday….

  3. Glad you’ve finally seen the light!! I got the Mamma Mia DVD a couple of days ago and I’m loooving it – driving the family mad, but who cares 😉

  4. LOL – Loved the image of two blokes harmonising Super Trouper in the front of a Nissan Hardbody!!! PricelessBut what’s this?? I think I’ve picked up a little pass the buck here. What on earth do you mean – “can’t deny Frank his fun.”? Tsk tsk. The truth is, I wouldn’t have rumaged through the record collection, dusted off the old vinyls and taken the time to patiently re-record them to my PC, and then tediously restore them to their former glory if I hand’t met you in the 1st place… Hmmm – after all that effort, I guess you actually may have been right all along. I have a Dream, a song to SING!Hehe.

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