Reflections of a year

2008 is nearly over… and what a year! Filled with the expected highs and lows – but all in all, it’s been an interesting one with so much to be grateful for…

So I won’t bore you with my gratitude journal, but start the process of looking at next year.

You see, I am a New Year’s resolution kinda guy – but more in a goal setting kind of way. I recently read an excellent book by James Hollis called “The Middle Passage: From Misery to Meaning in Midlife”. Its a study of Jung’s concept of the Second Adulthood, and in it he talks about the the mid-life being a stage where you stop living your life like reading a novel. When you read a novel, you sit as an observer, watching the events unfold, and wait for some kind of resolve to happen before the book ends. We live our lives in much the same way, or at least I did, watching my life as an observer, waiting for some kind of resolution. The problem is by the time the resolution happens, if it does, its usually on your death bed – that “Oh! I should’ve been a rock star” realisation. Well the book takes it a lot further than I have, but it did open my eyes as to how I want to live.

So now I’m making plans for the year ahead…

Problem is, I have no idea where to start…

I have ideas – I know I want to find a spiritual home and actively seek one next year. I want to freelance and spread my wings into more meaty stuff. I want to start my book that I plan to write… I want to go to gym as actively as I did earlier this year… I want to blog more often…

See, so much… I’m already tired. Maybe its far easier to sit back and watch it unfold?



  1. Hmm,I havent given next year a second thought.Getting through this morning was bad enough – up at 6, clean house, erranding (pool shop, pc shop, tyre replacement shop and Pick n Pay) with 3 kids and a howling South Easter.Am pretty sure Next Year can wait!!!Interesting sounding book though…I have yet to spend my voucher!

  2. Seriously – good luck with that.I have a theory.Its a kind of self defence theory.I think its all about the way people are wired. I have indentified two types:A: the “living with intentionality / focussed / left brained types and B: dreamers / “look back and recognize with delight that there WAS a shape to that part of life” / seemingly random, spontaneous living / taking refuge in right brainedness, people.I would love to be an A.But so far – not.PS: Have to LOL at your thinking of yourself as a midlifer!

  3. Next year? Nope, haven’t got that far just yet. Want to get thru the rest of this year first if you don’t mind! And you – middle aged – are you crazy? What does that make me?

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