Elections and boobs

All this campaigning and endorsing is quite something. I have just received another mail from a group telling me which party and candidate they are endorsing, which I find quite weird… it’s like me saying that I will be voting a certain party, and that means that you should too, because I endorse them… on that note – viva NANA!

Then again, I agree with a lot of the reasons for endorsing certain parties – especially when it comes to gay folk. We do need to make sure we vote for someone who has our interests in mind, which crosses ACDP off the list. Zuma has also said some nasty things about gay people. He did apologise, but, hey, true colours shone before the apology tried to dim it.

And Cope’s presidential candidate headed up a committee against same-sex marriage and unions. Thing is, I really like him. I studied with Rev. Dandala’s son, and met him on a number of occassions while we both worked for the Methodist Church. I was a little youth pastor and he was the bishop, so we weren’t exactly chinas. But he’s a great guy, and has loads to offer.

DA have never openly endorsed gay unions, but never been against them – they let their candidates vote as they saw fit – but they do have a number of gay candidates on the list.

And ID have always been open about their belief that gays should be able to marry. I think Patty is a bit of a fag hag…

So, policy aside, that’s a major factor in who I vote for. I like that FJ and I will be married next year… well, in a civil union. That means everything to me, so it helps when people who make the rules think so too…

Aaaaaaaaaaaaannnnyyywaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyy… I’ll stop with my 5 cents worth…

I went to gym yesterday, and now I have sore boobs. I think I know what boobs feel like now because I can feel things on my chest that I’ve never felt before. When I go down stairs, my pecs jiggle (a bit) and now that they’re sensitive they feel all weird and sore… and whenever someone touches them or prods me, I want to go through the ceiling… not that boobs are sore (although sometimes they are)… um… can you tell I don’t interact with boobs often?

Okay, let me go before I make a tit of myself.


I slay myself…



  1. Cant believe i am going to post this here – but it must be relevant to your blog! I recieved it in an email today….Zuma free to target man boobs PRETORIA. ANC President Jacob Zuma says the lifting of corruption charges against him has left him free to tackle an even bigger personal challenge: getting rid of his man boobs. According to Zuma, the issue of “moobs” affects millions of moderately obese patriarchs across the country, and can severely damage men’s self-esteem as they get whistled at by builders.Zuma is currently on the campaign trail in South Africa, explaining his vision of one-party democracy, but he took time out this morning to speak openly and intimately with fellow sufferers of the man boob pandemic sweeping through communities of sedentary beer-drinkers who whose wives feed them on demand.According to Zuma he had always been comfortable with his body. However the acquisition of his fifth wife changed everything.”She was wearing a beautiful white wedding dress, with lace and silk and pearls, and I was wearing my standard leopard-pelt ensemble,” said Zuma.”That’s when I noticed that I had more cleavage than her. It was a blow.”He said he had since become keenly aware of the suffering and social stigma brought about by moobs.”You can’t play sport, people stare, builders whistle and make lewd comments, your back hurts all the time,” said Zuma.”And worst of all, you can’t find anything to wear that doesn’t make you look like a hooker.”He said ANC Youth League leader and former carpenter Julius Malema had offered to kill anyone who made a disparaging remark about his moobs.”It was sweet of Julius, but this is my own cross to bear,” he added.According to Zuma, exercise was having little impact on reducing the moobs.”People think I do that crazy boogie-dance to Umshini Wami to stir up support for my one-party democracy plan, but it’s not true,” he explained. “It’s aerobics, pure and simple. But it’s not really shifting the little buggers.”Meanwhile opposition leader Helen Zille says that if breasts are on the national political agenda then she is clearly the most qualified person to provide them.”I think the DA’s record speaks for itself,” she said. “Look at how many breasts we’ve rolled out in Cape Town.”Wherever you go you see high quality breasts. We have the vision, the mandate and the plastic surgeons to provide breasts for the entire country.”And to the pessimists who moan on about how silicone breasts are too hard and stand up too high, we say: stop trampling on the rights of citizens to look hot in low-cut dresses, okay?”

  2. Oh Rambler. the hairy boobs pic! ew! my nerves – what sites did you surf to find that. I cannot imagine you googling “images” … then “hairy boobs”. You have a penchant for the obscure my dear.But hey seriously, thats some ball-busting analysis on the political parties and their views on faggotness. If you get any threatening calls just head them over to me. I shall slap ”em silly!

  3. cm from dl – hehehe… I was actually looking at his man boobs yesterday. I noticed his double d’s at his last wedding, when he was in traditional gear. Quite striking!T – hahahaha… it is hey!Chet – it’s amazing what you find when you google man boobs…Hayley – it’s FJ before he waxed… kidddddddddiiiinnnggg… gotta love google images!

  4. GROSS!But laughing! When ever I see pictures like that I think of those CSI programs where they investigate what people were searching on their computers. What would they think??

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