Closer to 20? Yes I am!

I decided to embrace my young-at-heart attitude and let it reflect in my outer appearance. It was a difficult decision to come to, after all, I am closer to 40 than I am to 20, but then again, I am closer to 20 than I am to 60, and feel the need to embrace it.

Some, when reaching this (shall we call it mid-life crisis) choose to do spectacular things to hide from the reality that the greys are starting to outweigh the browns. Realising that you’re not the spring chicken you used to be does cause anxiety, especially amongst gay men, who have this weird obsession with youth. I can judge it, because I understand it (live, it dream it, breathe it… poor, poor Joseph whatcha gonna do?)

I have no idea how Andre Lloyd-Webber snuck in there… it’s either got to to do with me being in Friday mode, a bit too much champagne last night, or my obsession with finding a new Joseph amongst the feminine men they’re auditioning on the BBC at the moment…


Back to my ageing dilemma… yes, let’s keep it about me shall we?

I thought long and hard about the fact that for about three more years I will be closer to 20 than 60… After that, I may not be able to blog with my arthritic fingers, so I decided to take a chance, and do something completely drastic.

Now, you may think, shoo, Rambler went bungee jumping.


I do not need to fling myself off a bridge, screaming while my urine sprays into the air behind me to prove that I’m young. I will do that when I’m older to affirm that I am senile.

You may think I bought a Ferrari…


I do not need a car that costs more than my house to prove that I don’t have a small, um, bank balance… or that I can pull youngsters by standing outside the gym revving and smiling… yes you know who you are, you spandex freak! And we can still see your hair plugs even though the car’s roof is so low…


You may think I decided to resign from my goodie-bag filled job and see the world with a backpack on…


I have a job with goodie bags, remember. My life is complete.

Except for my youth – I still need to hold onto that….

You may think I dyed my hair blonde, or waxed off all my body hair…


I could never be blonde, not because I don’t want more fun (as apparently blondes do) but I have an olive skin and will seriously look jaundiced if I ever went blonde… and now that I have a muscle, people may think I’m trying to audition for the Rocky Horror show (the skinny Africa-famine version).

You may think I left FJ for a far younger model to prove my virility and charm to younger folk…


Let me remind you that FJ is younger than I am, so I proved that ages ago…


No… I did something far more radical than that. I did the most daring thing I could think of. I went where no person my age has yet dared to go… and proved that I too can be young, virile and totally with the in-crowd…

That’s right folks…

I bought skinny jeans

Pretty, black and tight…




  1. OMG ! I love my skinny jeans! Except mines are blue. Except truth be told i cant really fit into them anymore. I finally got my ass back to the gym after a three month dry spell, and now i am sore, but its all worth it to have my ‘shelf’ sticking out of my skinny jeans.That being said i have decided against an evening of free champagne and caviar and instead opted for watching the idol results show (Dont tell me who wins!) with a bucket of KFC (and yes i am going to pick of and eat the skin only) and margaritas.Classy –

  2. *jacki pops in, and finds this place still empty*hellllooooo!echo: helllooo, elllooo, lllooo..*jacki leaves to go to crowded, seedy place, like facebook..*besides, *realisation smacks jacki, hard* jacki IS closer to 60 than 20 *sob!*

  3. cm from dl – that sounds fab… although I can never resist champagne… I’ve worn the skinny’s twice now and was so self conscious, although apparently my ass looks good in it, which is all that counts…Jacki – shoo… must be quiet round there… and you too can feel closer to twenty- let’s hit Benoni in our skinny jeans?ISNAB – I may post a pic… if I can find the right accessories to go with it… I could see you in skinnies though Poppit!

  4. Skinny jeans NO thank you. I don’t have the right body shape – my legs are too short.You on the ohter hand – downright sexy i’m sure.Just make sure the shoes are visible when the pic is finally posted!

  5. I’ve got to see a photo of this! Post one. Soon. Please.I am so waaaaay past the age of skinny jeans. Starting to think I may be waaaaay past the age of sleeveless shirts too – those bingo wings are creeping up on me – sob, sob….

  6. Okay, so anyone should know we are only months apart …. I bought black skinnies about 2wks ago – am told my ass looks pretty in them too!Funny how we need to know that as we approach 60 steadily huh?I say we break out our skinnies and our *shoes/boots* and post a cyber side by side shot boytjie!

  7. well from the moment you tried them on in the store, I was all for them… Grrrr.Transfereing my own desire to wear skinny jeans directly onto to you (’cause they just look like leggings on me) was the best idea ever. Well almost, there a few better ideas – but only sightly.’Aaaannnnyyyyywwaaayyyy’

  8. OL – yep, you give good advice!!!!Celeste – *blush*Shayne – not sure – pull them off, but the shoes may sell the llok… HeheheGill – bingo wings! Hahahaha … I’ve never heard that before…Mel – cool idea… Let’s plan our skinny jean and shoes blog debut… Let’s work it baby!FJ- hehehehhe, you clinched the sale for sure…

  9. Having spent the day at showjumping show yesterday I saw a couple of young pretty boys in the original skinnies jodphurs, they are of course why straight boys wont ride because riding in anything else is a killer.

  10. That is a scary top of head pic!Do you think the owner of said head has got so much goo on his hands because he is trying to glue his remaining few hairs on?skinny jeans – hmmmLuv ’em – wish I were 18 again so I could wear ’em.Or 36

  11. Joanne – oooo, maybe I should invest in the real thing, and be totally eccentric as I walk trough the mall… and I want a whip. Every boy should have a whip.Allie- I also spotted his gooey hands… lets hope it’s product and not self-generated oil…

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