Queens, presidents and marches

I’ve been sitting racking my brain to try and remember what I did on Friday night and I have no idea. You see, the weekend was so jam-packed, and given that I’m closer to 40 than I am to 20 I only tend to remember the big things. Trying to remember if I locked the car, where I parked it and if I did anything interesting on Friday night just doesn’t have space amongst deadlines for two magazines, friends trying to convince FJ and I to get married sooner than we’ve planned and trying to think of what to wear with skinny jeans.

I think Friday was spent in, watching reality TV but I could be wrong. I also have a head cold, so that should clinch the lack of memory deal…

The rest of the weekend was incredibly interesting! For a change…

Now some of you know that I struggle with the concept of Gay Pride marches… I’ve posted about it before, and a friend of mine, Jeanine (who has just started a fabulous blog which you should read), has been challenging a lot of my thinking on the IDAHO holding hands and pride marches. Her and I have always come from different perspectives on gay politics, and although I think we’ve challenged and influenced each other positively, we still come from different places. Don’t you love friends who challenge you, don’t agree with you, but are still prepared to argue, debate and listen without tension and a threat to friendship? I hold onto people like that in my life, although at times I want to put a pillow over their militant heads… hehehe…


I’ve read her comments with interest and decided that I would attend the Joburg Gay Pride AGM on Saturday morning to see what pride was really about. I’ve walked on half a march before and slipped out when I spotted some friends at a pub, and mc’ed the Cape Town pride after parties for a couple of years, but never fully understood the concept. Pride seemed dated and unsure of what it was – is it a party? is it a rally? is it a day we ask for respect? is it a day to show the world how flamboyant we are?

After going to the meeting I think I may have run ahead in my judgements. And I will share these thoughts when I’ve formulated them well… but let’s just say, I’m thinking the media don’t get it and that’s why the straight communities don’t – that’s either the fault of pride’s communication (which I’m gathering it’s not) or the media choose to focus on the flamboyance and ignore the message behind the day. Watch this space…

I then went to a drag show on Saturday night and had great fun watching Crystal Carrington lip sync to songs I’d never heard before. I’m not sure if many people have seen real drag queens, who don’t just impersonate women, but actually hold an entire show together with witty (and generally below the very tucked in belt) banter and show that the word artiste in drag artiste is something earned rather than applied… something worth seeing…

On Sunday, I went to a spectacle of a different kind and watched our newly elected President open a mall in Alexandra… I’ve never seen a President in the flesh, so I was rather excited, and let me say he doesn’t disappoint. While he never sang or danced, he came across as very warm, humorous and a President for the people. There was a huge crowd who were so excited to see him, and for a moment I saw outside of the media’s presentation and what could be our “white fear” as he engaged with the crowd. Once again, when you see someone’s humanity you warm to them, and I think a lot has been “lost in translation” by the media the more I work with the ruling party…

So from gay politics, to camp gender benders, to country leaders – all in one weekend…

Oh, and I watched High School Musical 3 in between…

Go Wild Cats!



  1. Geez and I thought my weekend was hectic…Someone really needs to educate me on drag shows…I seriously DO NOT GET IT. And I have been to two in Joburg back in the day. I need a post translating that please.

  2. Im glad you are starting to maybe explore other ideas about PRIDE….I dont really have much to say today – its a public holiday and I have spent the whole weekend packing….My life here in london is now in 3 boxes…. somewhat bittersweet.I also after 2 long years here have finally met someone i really like….And go figure – he wants to stay in London (i havent told him yet that i have already booked my ticket home)…Life sometimes SUCKS!!!So i have finally lived up to my name and baked 112 quadruple chocolate cookies – they are to be my crutch over the next few weeks – they are warm and gooey – but I have more of a penchant for the raw dough. Needless to say i DO NOT fit into my skinny jeans anymore :(This whole comment has nothing to do with your post.Apologies….I have no right to ramble here…..*still sexy face*…*still without trying*…..

  3. I went to a high school hockey match, which on many levels is pretty much as entertaining as a drag show imo!I’m having the same kind of feelings about JZ – causes some weird looks from family and friends, but I think he may just be okay, we’ll have to wait and see won’t we.

  4. Mel – well, I don’t get golf – some things we’re just not meant to get, but that doesn’t deny the need for skill or the hoards of people who do get it :)CM for DL – soon I won’t be able to say that… what will I say? And feel free to ramble – that’s why this space is here… Good luck with the journey back…Gill – glad I’m not alone in my JZ feelings – yep, let’s wait and see!!!

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