Month: September 2011

A start

That voice I said I wanted to find got lost in the busyness. Eventually the busyness consumed the voice and when it emerged there was just too much to say.

So I decided to be quiet.

Reading back I see darkness, but I was happier than ever before.

Life gets more confusing the older you get. When you’re younger you think you can do anything. As you get older you learn to work with what’s in your hand, try make sense of the confusion and accept it. Some may call it being tired.

I call it worship.

Worship of a life that’s good because it’s honest, because it’s questioned, because it’s full of fear and confusion and clarity, because it’s real.

Lucky. True. Hopeful. Terrified. Brave. Weak. Strong. Reliant. Independent. Rational. Irrational.