Month: October 2011

A weekend away

FJ surprised me for my birthday. Now you need to understand that this is not the easiest thing in the world to do. Since childhood, I have been known to discover any plans or presents that have attempted to be hidden from me. I have clawed through cupboards that weren’t mine, dug up gardens, and interrogated family and friends until they caved and revealed my pending gift.

I have “surprise phobia” you see.

I wear my heart on my sleeve, and although I trained as an actor back in the day, I’m awful at showing delight for gifts I am not delighted by. It’s a family thing. My dad will often ask why we thought he would like a gift we’ve spent months planning for him. My brother will say thanks and ask if I kept the slip. We’re honest like that. I know how ungrateful it may seem, but it’s just the way we are. So when I receive a crocheted doily for the top of my couch from some loving person wanting to wish me a happy birthday, I rather wish they hadn’t, and show it.

So FJ took a huge risk by attempting to surprise me.

He was cunning in his planning though. He very sneakily planned a weekend away while hiding the other gift he had bought for me. I rummaged his cupboards. Searched his car. But the clever husband of mine had left my gift at his office so I had no way of finding it. My punishment was that I only got to receive it the night of my birthday (I’m a wake-up with singing and boxes of gifts I already the contents of kinda guy). In all my attempts to find a tangible gift (which turned out to be a wireless keyboard for my iPad), he was plotting a secondary surprise to take me away for the weekend to Cullinan. And not just that, to take me microlighting.

Why he wanted to take me microlighting is still beyond me. Nothing about me says please strap me to a hangglider with a tiny propellor while I fly 6500 feet in the air.

The gentleman who did the real piloting was an enormous cattle farmer from the area. I was propelled through the Cullinan sky (screaming internally) with the biggest man I’ve ever had between my legs (ahem), and every now and then got the courage to look down to see the tiny houses and big hole Cullinan is so famous for. As I landed I surprisingly couldn’t stop grinning. I would never have chosen to do this kind of thing, probably never will again, but it was fun.

Of course FJ took to it like a fat girl to cake. Looking all Top Gun-like as he strolled off the “plane”, while I looked like a terrified animal, with a bad case of  helmet hair, in headlights.

These surprise things can be fun… after the event. But I’ve had enough surprises for the year, okay. Feet firmly on the ground unless someone is there to offer me chicken or beef. And nothing that requires protective headgear. Please.